Misha Rai

Official site of writer Misha Rai.

The Official Site of writer Misha Rai.

Announcement in The sept/oct 2017 issue of poets & Writers for winning the 2016 DANA award in the novel for Novel-in-progress. 

Finalist for the 2017-2018 Charles Pick south Asia Fellowship, University of East Anglia, U.K.

Had Misha Rai won the fellowship she would have completed work on her debut novel, Blood We Did Not Spill, at the School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia, a school that boasts the first MA in creative writing in the U.K., with alumni such as Nobel Prize Winner, Kazuo Ishiguro and Booker Prize Winner, Ian McEwan. 

Winner of THE 2016 dana award in the novel 

On April 5, 2017 Misha Rai won the Dana Award in the Novel for Blood We Did Not Spill. When Misha submitted a section of the novel to the award she was in the process of writing the first draft of the book. Now she is revising it.



Profile of Woodrow Wilson Fellowship Winner, Misha Rai.


Creative Writing Doctoral Student Receives Dissertation Fellowship.


2016 Women's Studies Fellows Announced: This year's fellows also include the first Ph.D. in Fiction ever supported in the program.